We offer the following martial arts:

Japanese Goju Ryu, meaning "the hard and soft system of empty hand." The student will be taught various skills such as strikes, kicks, sweeps, throws, stances, pressure points, balance and movement.

Karate training takes place in a formal atmosphere with an emphasis on etiquette and self control as well as physical ability. The training generally is divided into the practice of basic techniques, Kata and sparring. Students will only begin sparring after obtaining their blue belt (three months of training). This is to ensure that the student have a basic understanding of the techniques and control that will be expected of him/her.

Sensei Jon Cobbs has 26 years experience in the martial arts.

Sensei Jon Cobbs teaches all classes.  Jon started his martial arts training with the Kenbudokai organization  in 1995 and is still affiliated with the International Japan Karate-Do Kenbudokai.  Sensei Jon trains with Hanshi Anthony Marquez of Glendora California in the art of Kobudo (the study of the martial arts weapons) and is affiliated with the Kokusai Ryukyu Kobujutsu Kenkyukai organization.  His accomplishments include:

6th Dan Kenbudokai Karate Do

3rd Dan Okinawan Kobudo
Martial Arts World Hall of Fame award for Tactical Excellence - 2008
2009 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Goju Ryu Blackbelt of the year
2012 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Black Belt of Excellence
Sept. 2012 awarded a Renshi Title (Master teacher)
April 2014 the Japan Martial Arts Academy was awarded the Best of Bakersfield award in the category of Martial Arts Training.

Jon is a retired Peace Officer with the California Department of Corrections. 
During his career he was an operator and a team commander of the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), a prison version of SWAT.  He served several years as a senior SERT instructor and was responsible for teaching new operators various special operations 


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